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Lenovo ThinkSystem SD530

Lenovo ThinkSystem SD530 Best Price Chennai, Tamilnadu

Lenovo ThinkSystem SD530


The density of blades, the economics of rack systems
  • Modular I/O shuttle design
  • Supports HPC and enterprise workloads
  • Superior storage performance
  • Add-on tray supports two GPUs per node
  • XClarity Management

  • Ultra-dense 2U, 4-node platform delivers more in less space
  • Extreme compute capability, ready to adapt when you are
  • Ultra-agile shuttle design provides the modularity to transform

Ready for what's next
  • Easily adjusting to new environments and different conditions has been the dictionary definition of adaptability. Now, Lenovo ThinkSystem SD530 redefines IT adaptability. SD530 is a single platform designed to excel not only at critical enterprise workload environments (such as virtualization, hyperconverged infrastructure, and cloud), but also at high performance computing (HPC) and artificial intelligence (AI). Combining the efficiency and density of blades with the value and simplicity of rack-based servers, SD530 could very well be the most adaptable server on Earth.
  • ThinkSystem SD530 consists of a modular 2U Lenovo D2 Enclosure containing up to four front-access SD530 servers (nodes). Each node, incorporating two powerful Intel® Xeon® processor Scalable family CPUs, achieves up to 56 percent faster performance than the previous generation. The innovative design of the D2 enclosure provides the flexibility to meet varied needs in the modern data center. For example, multiple D2 Enclosures can be easily daisy-chained together and then managed as a single unit, which reduces cabling costs by as much as 92 percent, compared to the previous generation*, and simplifies administration.