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Lenovo ThinkPad USB C Dock Indian Standard Plug Type D

Lenovo ThinkPad USB C Dock Indian Standard Plug Type D Best Price Chennai, Tamilnadu

Lenovo ThinkPad USB C Dock Indian Standard Plug Type D


The ThinkPad USB-C Dock works with ThinkPad and Lenovo laptops, and utilises the same USB-C standard technology found on a wide range of popular laptops and devices. Experience all your productivity needs including video, data, and wired Ethernet, all while delivering continuous power to your laptop via a robust USB Type-C port. A single UHD display of 30Hz or dual FHD displays allow you to enjoy vivid video displays for more detailed work. And it's tailor-made for large enterprises with convenient manageability features like PXE boot, Wake-On LAN and MAC address pass-through. Simply connect your laptop or tablet with the dock and boost your productivity in no time. Single convenient cable (USB-C) supporting high-speed data, power, and video for ThinkPad and Lenovo USB-C laptops; 3 x USB 3.0 and 1 x USB 2.0 ports to connect and power peripherals; 90W AC adapter delivers power to laptops (60W) and a host of connected devices; Supports a single UHD display or dual FHD displays; Enterprise IT companion with commercial-grade management and security features; Supports PXE boot, Wake-On LAN, and MAC address pass-through

Lenovo Thinkpad Usb C Dock Indian Standard Plug Type D - Specification|Review

Technical Specs

Number of USB Connections : 6
Height : 32.5mm
Width : 171mm
Supported Operating Systems : OS Independent
Warranty Types : Customer Carry-in or Mail-in Rapid Replacement Service
Warranty Period : Three Year