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Seagate Exos 6TB 512e SAS Hard Disk

Seagate Exos 6TB 512e SAS Hard Disk Best Price Chennai, Tamilnadu

Seagate Exos 6TB 512e SAS Hard Disk


Product Description
Trusted, efficient and versatile enterprise storage with ninth-generation enterprise-class reliability, the Exos™ 7E8 is the world's fastest 6 TB nearline drive for bulk storage. Offering capacities up to 6 TB, the Exos 7E8 delivers faster random performance and the fastest data transfers. Help protect data by choosing from government-grade SED FIPS or SED models with ISE technology. The Exos 7E8 provides 24×7 consistent performance.

Superior Performance With Advanced Caching
Quickly access and store bulk-data with field-proven ninth-generation technology and dependably fast random performance in a standard and familiar 3.5-inch footprint in capacities from 1TB to 8TB.

The Exos 7E8 is the best fit for the following applications:
Mainstream enterprise external storage arrays
Bulk data storage

World's fastest 6 TB nearline drive for bulk storage:
  • Quick access and storage of data with faster random performance - over 100% faster than other hard drives
  • 24×7 consistent performance - every transaction, every day
  • Efficiently delivers easy integration into replicated and RAID bulk storage systems with 12 Gb/s SAS and SATA 6 Gb/s interface options
  • Industry's best response times for an 6 TB nearline drive
  • Enables the fastest data transfers thanks to our comprehensive advanced caching technology
  • Supports enterprise-class nearline workloads of up to 550 TB per year (10 times that of desktop hard drives), helping you meet your rigorous bulk storage SLAs
  • Protect data by choosing from government-grade SED FIPS 140-2 option or SED models2 with Seagate Instant Secure Erase technology for easy and cost-effective drive disposal

Seagate Exos 6tb 512e Sas Hard Disk - Specification|Review

Standard Model Number-ST6000NM0235

Interface:Dual 12Gb/s SAS
Capacity:1.92TB / 1920GB
NAND Flash Type:3D cMLC
Form Factor:2.5 in x 7mm


Spindle Speed (RPM):7,200
Interface Access Speed (Gb/s):6.0
Max Sustainable Transfer Rate:215MB/s
Average Latency (ms):4.16
Interface Ports Single
Rotational Vibration @ 1,500 Hz (rad/s²):12.5

Power Consumption

Idling Average (W):8.15
Average Operating Power:9.8 W
Power Supply Requirements:+12 V and +5 V


Temperature, Operating (°C):5°C – 60°C
Shock, Operating Read/Write (Gs):70/40 Gs
Shock, Non-operating, 1 ms/2 ms (Gs):150/250

Power Management

+5/+12V Max Start Current (A):0.44/0.47
Configurable Power Limit Settings (W):7 to 14
Average Idle Power (W):3


Height (in/mm, max):1.028 in/26.1 mm
Width (in/mm, max):4.01 in/101.85 mm
Depth (in/mm, max):5.787 in/147 mm
Weight (lb/g):780 g/1.72 lb