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Seagate Exos 2TB 512n SAS Hard Disk

Seagate Exos 2TB 512n SAS Hard Disk Best Price Chennai, Tamilnadu

Seagate Exos 2TB 512n SAS Hard Disk


Reliable. Effective. Versatile.
The Seagate industry hard drive comes with a 2TB capacity and is designed to address the requirements of retaining unstructured data economically. The flexible 512n, 512e, and 4Kn formats with SATA and SAS interface possibilities assure easy inclusion into legacy and high-performance hyperscale services, cloud data hubs, big data analytics, high density RAID, external storage arrays, distributed file systems, enterprise backup and centralized surveillance systems.

•Capacity: 2TB
•Interface: SAS 12Gb/s
•Spindle Speed: 7.2K RPM and Cache: 128MB
•Form Factor: 3.5 inch

Industry HDD for Bulk Data Services
Exos 7E8 hard drives comes in 2TB capacity, providing bulk data storage for data center infrastructures requiring an incredibly dependable enterprise HDD. Exos 7E8 provides affordable, dependable entrance to unstructured data. Developed on industry-proven 9th gen traditional magnetic recording (CMR) engineering, the Seagate HDD aids to catalyze the datasphere, enabling data center managers and IT experts to provide trusted performance, rock-solid reliability, ironclad safeguards and low total cost of ownership for stressful 24x7 installations.

Sturdy Massive Data Storage for a 24x7 World
Seagate drives are backed by the best MTBF rating and support operational requirements of up to 550TB per year. With a breakthrough cache, on-the-fly error-correction algorithms and spindle vibration engineering, the Exos 7E8 helps ensure continuous operation in cloned and RAID multiple-drive systems.

Seagate Exos 2tb 512n Sas Hard Disk - Specification|Review

Standard Model Number-ST1200MM0039

Interface:Dual 12Gb/s SAS
Capacity:1.2TB / 1200GB
NAND Flash Type:3D cMLC
Form Factor:2.5 in x 7mm


Spindle Speed (RPM):10,000 RPM
Average Latency (ms):2.9
Sustained Transfer Rate (Outer to Inner Diameter, MB/s):262 to 136
Cache, Multisegmented (MB):128


External Transfer Rate (MB/s):1200
Nonrecoverable Read Errors per Bits Read, Max:1 per 10E16
Annualized Failure Rate (AFR):0.44%


Typical Op (A):+5V/+12V 0.46/0.41
Typical Operating (W):7.2
Average Idle Power (W):3.8
Performance Efficiency Index (Idle W/GB):0.0032


Ambient Temperature, Operating (C°):5°C – 55°C
Ambient Temperature, Nonoperating (C°):-40°C – 70°C
Shock, Max. Operating: 11ms (Gs):40
Shock, Max. Nonoperating:2ms (Gs):400
Vibration, Operating:0.5


Height (in/mm, max) 0.591in/15.00mm
Width (in/mm, max:2.760in/70.10mm
Depth (in/mm, max):3.955in/100.45mm
Weight (lb/g):0.486lb/220g