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Seagate Nytro 5000 NVMe SSD Hard Disk

Seagate Nytro 5000 NVMe SSD Hard Disk Best Price Chennai, Tamilnadu

Seagate Nytro 5000 NVMe SSD Hard Disk


Overcome Data Bottlenecks and Improve QoS
Nytro 5000 NVMe SSD is highly optimized for read-intensive and mixed workloads. Incorporating the PCIe Gen3 ×4 interface with the NVMe protocol, Nytro 5000 SSD features four times the bandwidth of SATA SSDs, removing data bottlenecks by delivering blistering throughput and IOPS.
Nytro 5000 SSD also features sideband management for monitoring the health of the SSDs without introducing latency or disrupting overall throughput.

Increase Storage Density and Efficiency in Data Centers
The low-power Nytro 5000 SSD is offered in both 2.5-inch and M.2 form factors, enabling more computing using minimal space, energy and cost. The Nytro 5000 SSD is also extremely scalable and space-optimized to reduce TCO. In addition, the Nytro 5000 NVMe SSD with the U.2 connector enables effortless serviceability and maintenance with no downtime requirements, and features hotswap capability for easy addition, removal or replacement of SSDs.

Enhance Enterprise Reliability, Data Protection and Security
  • By leveraging Seagate’s existing enterprise expertise and manufacturing excellence, Nytro 5000 SSD delivers the highest levels of data integrity, data security and endurance for critical business applications.
  • Nytro 5000 SSD includes features for end-to-end data protection, LDPC error correction and Seagate RAISE technology for solid reliability and endurance. Power-loss data protection helps maintain data integrity in the event of unexpected power interruptions. Seagate Secure SelfEncrypting Drive (SED) models 1 support the TCG protocol to help companies keep valuable data secure.

Key Features and Benefits
  • PCIe Gen3 ×4 interface with NVMe protocol
  • Up to 35,000 IOPS/W performance
  • Industry-leading density of up to 1.92TB in 2.5-inch and M.2 form factors
  • Host-selectable power optimization
  • Multiple namespace support for greater deployment flexibility
Best-Fit Applications
  • Public and private cloud
  • Hyperscale data centers
  • Caching and tiering

Seagate Nytro 5000 Nvme Ssd Hard Disk - Specification|Review

Standard Model Number-XP1920LE10012

Interface:Dual 12Gb/s SAS
Capacity:1.92TB / 1920GB
NAND Flash Type:3D cMLC
Form Factor:2.5 in x 7mm

Performance at Max Power Limit

Sequential Read (MB/s) Sustained, 64KB:2000
Sequential Write (MB/s) Sustained,64KB:1200
Random Read (IOPS) Sustained, 4KB:245,000
Random Write (IOPS) Sustained, 4KB:28,000
Random 30% Write (IOPS) Sustained, 4KB:100,000

Performance at Max Power Limit

Sequential Read (MB/s) Sustained, 64KB:2100
Sequential Write (MB/s) Sustained,64KB:990
Random Read (IOPS) Sustained, 4KB:260,000
Random Write (IOPS) Sustained, 4KB:15,000
Random 30% Write (IOPS) Sustained, 4KB:45,000
Average Latency (μs):120


Lifetime Endurance (Drive Writes per Day):0.25
Nonrecoverable Read Errors per Bits Read:1 per 10E18
Annualized Failure Rate (AFR):0.35%

Power Management

+5/+12V Max Start Current (A):0.44/0.47
Configurable Power Limit Settings (W):7 to 14
Average Idle Power (W):3


Height (in/mm, max):0.591/15.00
Width (in/mm, max):69.85mm/2.75in
Depth (in/mm, max):100.35mm/3.951in
Weight (lb/g):90g/0.198lb