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8 bay raid chennai tamilnadu


DECK DT8M-U6-B Best Price Chennai, Tamilnadu



DT8M-U6 provide you Big storage capacity
DT8M-U6 is compatible to most of 2.5" HDD/SSD product which are available in the market, you can use a RAID card for a more perfect storage solution. Its perfect structural design, optimized internal configuration, and enhanced internal hard disk protection with an aluminum alloy casing. This high durability is best suited for professional creative applications and mobile mobility applications.

MCU function provides automatic and manual adjustment of FAN
DT8M-U6 is also designed with the MCU feature which monitors and helps improving its in-chassis system temperature.  While the system temperature rises up to 55 degree-C (131 degree-F), MCU will bump up the fans with full speed; and once system temperature goes down to 50 degree-C (122 degree-F), you could manually adjust fan switch on the rear, MCU would reduce the fan speed down to a half speed for a better green user environment from a less fan noise and lower power consumption.

In addition, if the fan fails or the device temperature is too high, the buzzer will beep and let the user know that the device has failed. The user can turn off or turn on the buzzer through the mute adjustment switch on the back of the back panel.

The standard Rackmount chassis
Even though it's a standard 1U-19" rackmount chassis size, DT8M-U6 still has a fashion ID to match your Mac or PC while standing beside it.  It's well protected under its aluminum chassis which also helps dissipating heat too!