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4 bay raid chennai tamilnadu


SOHORAID ST4-TB3-B Best Price Chennai, Tamilnadu



The Main Features
1) Hardware RAID that works seamlessly between Macs and PCs.
2) The ST4-TB3 is equipped with four configuration modes to suit every need.
? RAID 0/1/10/JBOD.
3) Thunderbolt™ 3 (USB-C) brings you 40Gbps extreme high data transfer speed.
4) ST4-TB3 to support both of 3.5" HDD and 2.5" HDD & SSD products.
5) Thunderbolt™ 3 The USB-C that does it all.
? Support 15W ( 5V/3A ) Power Delivery
? Mini DisplayPort connect DVI?HDMI?VGA display devices.

Hardware RAID that works seamlessly between Macs and PCs
A software RAID storage system is unable to overcome the problems associated with cross-platform usage. It is only through hardware RAID controller chipsets that users can use these hard drives concurrently in Mac or Windows computers. With the ST4-TB3's built-in hardware RAID controller chipset and Thunderbolt™ 3 host interface, not only does it promise high transmission speed, it also eliminates the cross-platform usage issues associated with JBOD or RAID 0/1 setups. Also, with hardware RAID, all data is computed and processed by the built-in CPU. With such advantages, your computer performance can be focused on running the software and work, instead of handling the storage device's transmission issues. (RAID storage is used between Mac OS and Windows PC platforms and needs to use the same file format, for example: exFat file format).

The solid aluminum chassis pluses one powerful low noise Fans
ST4-TB3's solid chassis is made by a thickness aluminum-alloy plate.  And its aluminum housing and the 9 cm FANs (with safe FAN GUARDs) really help an efficient heat dissipation for your long time use.